María José Vargas Rodríguez

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Lawyer graduated from the School of Law of Universidad del Rosario (2017).

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In 2016, she was finalist at the contest Germán Cavelier: prize for the best legal essay, with the essay titled “International implications of the Colombian satellite program: equitable access as central axis” (Implicaciones internacionales del programa satelital de Colombia: acceso ejecutivo como eje central).

She reached the semifinals in the fifth International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition as a member of the Universidad del Rosario team in 2017. She has served as an active member of the International Law and Victims research group from 2017 to date.

In 2015, she served as intern at Fundación Pro bono Colombia for the law firm Del Valle Mora abogados where she provided legal advice in Public Law and Pro bono cases.

She was an academic instructor for the subject Teoría del Derecho during 2013 and 2014.
She has served as an active member of the research group on International Law of Outer Space and the Celestial Bodies from 2015 to date.